Camryn Smith

Economic Empowerment & Entrepreneurship, Education, Governance, Social Justice - Equity | NC, United States

2022 Healthy Communities Fellow


Camryn Smith is a social justice accountability expert focusing on economic and social liberation for black and brown communities and people. Her work is informed through a lens of economic systems creation rooted in collective identity to create wealth for black and brown people to end the need for charity-based solutions that are rooted in pain, trauma and oppression. In her own life and experience seeing the debilitating and dehumanizing impact of system of charity-based philanthropy and how this system intentionally and purposefully was created to excluded communities like hers from health and wealth creation and agency. She hopes to achieve and influence systems and communities built on true liberation of which truly equitable outcomes rooted in dignity and justice can be realized and the recognition of everyone’s humanity, to in turn create a world in which charity is no longer needed to supply the immediate survival needs of many but replaced with community rooted and accountable systems that benefit everyone so that everyone can thrive.