Catalyzing leaders worldwide to drive equitable transformation in their communities

We're dedicated to cultivating the next generation of leaders who champion equity and justice in health and development worldwide. Through comprehensive training, strategic partnerships, and innovative programs, we're catalyzing transformative change that leaves no one behind.

The Aspen Global Innovators Promise

For over 30 years, the Aspen Global Innovators Group has empowered health and development leaders from across Africa, the Americas, Asia, the Caribbean, and the Pacific Island States to build a safe, sustainable and healthier future for all people and communities. The impact of our Fellows reverberates across the globe.

Our mission is to catalyze leaders worldwide to drive equitable transformation in their communities. Our global community stands tall with local leaders, collaborators, healers and fellows who have long been beacons in this movement and whose voices and work are critical to reshaping a healthy, equitable future for all. We are committed to amplifying the voices and impact of those who are leading this work.

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New Voices Fellows

Catalyzing locally-rooted, globally networked leaders to become visible, effective advocates to champion more equitable development systems.

New Voices Fellowship

HCF Fellows speaking at Aspen Ideas Festival

Supporting BIPOC local leaders who are spearheading community initiatives that address health inequities

Healthy Communities Fellowship

Aspen Ideas Health Speakers

Building Robust, Equitable and Coordinated Community Health Systems

Communities First Global Collaborative

Aspen Ideas Health

By creating a forum to share knowledge and experience, Aspen Ideas: Health offers a unique opportunity to turn ideas into action and carve pathways toward better health for all.

Aspen Ideas: Health

AMP Fellows

Supporting governments to build visionary and effective teams.

AMP Health

Our Fellows


The Aspen Global Innovators Group supports two flagship fellowship programs. These fellowships enable leaders to amplify their voices, visibility and impact. Leaders bring expertise from all sectors and include entrepreneurs, community organizers and local experts who are both proximate to the greatest health and development challenges of our time and also bring lived and learned experience to their solutions.

Knowledge Hub

Our fellows and community partners are committed to advance the discourse and impact of global health and development innovations by creating knowledge products. The knowledge hub is a resource for all who are dedicated to learning from and collaborating with this dynamic community!