Designing Global Health Systems for the Future

Friday, June 23, 2023


This event is focused on building better global health systems for all populations. We will explore leadership, gender equity, youth engagement, strong communities, and actionable research. As well as discuss challenges in reproductive health, conflicts, and noncommunicable diseases, while highlighting powerful women, innovative strategies, and cross-country dialogue driving positive change. Shape the future of global healthcare with us.


  • Peggy Clark, President and CEO, International Center for Research on Women
  • Didi Bertrand Farmer, Advisor on Adolescent Youth Health, Gender, and Development and Partners In Health Ambassador, Partners In Health
  • Sheila Davis, CEO, Partners In Health
  • Lola Adedokun, Executive Director, Aspen Global Innovators Group and Co-Chair, Aspen Forum on Women and Girls, The Aspen Institute
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