Alice Ruhweza

Environment | Uganda

2019 New Voices Fellow

alice ruhweza

Alice is the Africa Regional Director of the World Wildlife Fund where she is helping to achieve impact across Africa in alignment with WWF’s global conservation priorities. Prior to WWF, Alice worked for Conservation International, first as Executive Director of the Vital Signs Programme, where she championed data-driven policy making in four countries and helped expand to 12 additional countries. She later served as Interim Vice President of Sustainable Production, where she engaged across sectors to co-design a program that will enable African governments and businesses to adopt sustainable pathways for production sectors including agriculture, mining, oil and gas, fisheries, and renewable energy. Alice formerly worked at UNDP, and says she is trying to break down silos and put data at the center of decision making about food and the environment. It has been challenging so far. “We need to invest time in really understanding the incentives that will drive this shift to a more integrated approach, and what kind of data is needed to engender this shift,” she says. She’s also incredibly passionate about addressing the intersection of human capital (girls education in particular) and natural capital (natural resources, environment, conservation).