Ariong Moses

Education | Uganda

2017 New Voices Fellow


Having studied in the rural schools of Eastern and Northern Uganda, Moses narrowly missed being abducted by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) rebels in 2000 when his high school was raided. He successfully obtained a Ugandan government scholarship to study agriculture, a profession that he chose due to its potential to alleviate poverty in Africa. Moses is a project specialist with One Acre Fund Uganda where he leads field research on challenges affecting small holder farmers. He is currently conducting trials against the notorious striga weed that causes 80- 100% yield losses in cereals across Africa. He previously worked as a Livelihoods Program Officer with ChildFund International where he helped improve food security for some 10,000 households with orphans and vulnerable children in Eastern Uganda. He is an alumni of the Global Health Corps and a recipient of a Tullow Oil Scholarship (2014) to study pollution and environment control at the University of Manchester.