Courtney Smith

Food Security | NC, United States

2021 Healthy Communities Fellow


Courtney Smith is a daughter of Durham and of community organizers. She is a chef, an activist, and a storyteller who is deeply connected to her community. Her mission is to bring business owners, farmers, food producers, policymakers, and consumers together to heal through food, and to start imagining new food systems and communities. As a Black woman who has seen firsthand the injustices of our food system, which often discards the people at the frontlines of producing our food, (farm workers, food safety workers, cooks, and others) she wants to see a food system that honors the people who feed us. She is the co-owner of Piri and one of the co-founders of The Culinary Femme Collective, and her mission is to build support for femmes of color who want to impact their communities through food. She works with business owners, researchers, community organizers, farmers, and culinary creatives to support building a system that focuses on equity and a just food economy.