Gloria Agyare

Education, Environment, Food Security | Ghana

2023 Impact West Africa Fellow

Gloria Agyare_Impact_2023

Gloria Agyare is a passionate young Ghanaian environmentalist and advocate for sustainable agri-food systems. She collaborates closely with local farmers and the youth, championing eco-friendly agricultural practices to address environmental issues.
With a primary focus that centers on the restoration and preservation of forests, the conservation of natural resources, and the introduction of innovative approaches to food production, Gloria empowers communities and influences policies, inspiring her to develop initiatives to build the capacity of young people to confront climate change.

Gloria holds a strong commitment to enhancing the role of women and youth in decision making processes pertaining to environmental and food system matters. She is a speaker on agricultural and climate change issues, a member of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate (UNFCCC), the Agriculture Working Group, and the World Bank Group (WBG) Youth Consultation for the Ghana Country Partnership Framework 2020-2026.

As the Programs Officer for the Ghana Youth Environmental Movement (GYEM), Gloria spearheaded the establishment of a framework within GYEM’s Food Department for initiating an advocacy action and community food project in agroforestry. This project aims to address a broad spectrum of challenges within agriculture and the food system. In the long term, Gloria’s work will play a pivotal role in driving Ghana towards a more sustainable food system.