Ify Aniebo

Health | Nigeria

2016 New Voices Fellow


After suffering from bouts of malaria as a child, Dr. Aniebo decided fight back by studying malaria drug resistance and its implications for vaccine work as a molecular geneticist. An Exxon Mobil and Wellcome Trust Scholar, Ify is a PhD candidate at Oxford University in Clinical Medicine and Infectious Tropic Diseases. Previously, she worked as an HIV Research Associate at Clinton Health Access Initiative. In 2010, Aniebo was crowned Scientist of the Year and Young Person of the Year at The Future Awards, one of Nigeria’s premier awards, which recognizes the contribution of young people making a difference in the country. Ify is also the founder and editor of African Health magazine, an online resource that aims to redefine the health of the average African. She hopes to rebuild the connection between science and the average person.