Imo Etuk

Health | Nigeria

2022 New Voices Fellow


Imo is the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at mDoc Healthcare, a digital health social enterprise serving people with regular and chronic health needs. Imo’s path to becoming a health entrepreneur took him to the United States, where he studied electrical engineering before earning his MBA from New York University. After working in the private sector, he returned to the African continent and saw a dearth of technologists who could help address poor health outcomes. “When I co-founded mDoc, I did not realize the impact low digital literacy has on health literacy and, ultimately, on population health level outcomes,” he says. “All I knew was that I had hypertension, my co-founder’s father had died prematurely from complications from hypertension, and the engineer in me believed we could use technology to solve the burgeoning chronic health needs of our continent.”