Jacqueline Muna Musiitwa, Esq.

Gender, Governance | Zambia

2014 New Voices Fellow


Jacqueline’s law firm represents investors in Africa as well as governments, but she increasingly finds herself engaged as another kind of advocate. “I want to shift from deal making to mind shifting,” Musiitwa says. “Legal reform is intertwined with inclusive and sustainable development.” Musiitwa’s focus is now on the importance of good governance and rule of law, and on improving Africa’s standing in the world. She has served as an advisor to the director general of the World Trade Organization on trade policy as well as to the Rwandan Justice Ministry on investment, trade and infrastructure and private sector development.

Jacqueline is currently the Chief Executive of Financial Sector Deepening Uganda, a company whose mission it is to support regulatory reform, conduct research that provides the basis for such reform and provides investment for innovation.  She is also the Founder and Managing Partner of Hoja Law Group, a boutique legal consultancy that represents clients in corporate governance, commercial and public law matters.  She is a 2011 Archbishop Desmond Tutu Fellow, 2012 Mo Ibrahim Fellow and a 2011 Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum.