Jeffrey Misomali

Food Security | Malawi

2013 New Voices Fellow


Jeffrey Misomali spent his youth in the shadow of Africa’s AIDS epidemic, and now he is helping to mount Africa’s counter-attack.

A citizen of Malawi, Misomali saw friends and family members succumb to the HIV-related illness that once appeared untreatable. The advent of widespread use of anti-retroviral drugs has started to change the equation – but has thrown up new challenges as African nations struggle to ensure they have the health systems and delivery networks that can get the drugs to those who need them. “I am excited about healthcare in Africa over the next 5-10 years, as many African governments move towards universal health coverage, and the growing young population and climate change present new challenges to delivery of quality and affordable healthcare.”

Misomali attended the University of Malawi, earning his degree in Environmental Science and Technology. He then completed his graduate studies in Water and Environmental Management at the University of Bristol. Before enrolling at Oxford, Jeffrey was a Program Officer for Health with the ELMA Philanthropies, where he developed and managed health grant investments for the ELMA Foundation and previously served in various roles with the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) across Sub-Saharan Africa. Before the Global Health Corps, he worked with GOAL International in Nsanje, Malawi, as the Livelihoods Monitoring and Evaluation Officer. Jeffrey is an alum of the Global Health Corps Fellowship Program.