Junaid Nabi

Health | India

2018 New Voices Fellow


Junaid is a physician, public health researcher, bioethicist, and a writer. As a Kashmiri, he has a unique perspective on living between nations and bringing attention to the needs of marginalized populations. In his current role as a Senior Researcher at Harvard Business School, he is examining how value-based health care strategy can transform care delivery and promote equity. His research projects at Harvard Medical School included investigating health system factors that lead to racial disparities in cancer care, evaluating the economic impact of innovative medical technologies, and implementation of novel digital decision support tools into electronic medical records. His ongoing research in medical ethics and global health policy include studying global health colonialism and healthcare equity, understanding the role of bioethics in artificial intelligence based medical decision-making systems, and applying principles of behavioral economics in delivery of health care. In 2020, he served as an Emerging Leaders Fellow at the United Nations Association of the United States and coordinated one of the first global lectures on systems-based public health response to the COVID pandemic and has served on pandemic response teams. He is a STAT Wunderkind, a Fellow at Harvard Graduate School Leadership Incubator, an UNLEASH Global Talent, and has won several awards for his research and humanitarian work.