Kapil Mohabir

Food Security | Guyana

2019 New Voices Fellow

kapil mohabir

Kapil has wanted to help smallholder farmers since he was a small boy. When his family was forced to abandon their first home along the coast of Guyana due to flooding, his parents left their jobs as teachers and became inland farmers. Quickly he became a first-hand witness to the limited economic opportunities and day-to-day hardships of a cash crop farmer. After completing an MBA at Harvard University, Kapil returned to Guyana where he set out to build a farming business that would build local economic sustainability while helping farmers combat the limited local market. Today, his company, Plympton Farms, is the largest grower, aggregator, and processor of chili pepper in the Caribbean. His company provides economic opportunities that help to empower smallholder farmers and indigenous communities. Armed with media and communication skills, Kapil hopes to scale his impact on the global stage. As he says, “I am prepared to share the stories of my community to bring the Small Island Developing States (SIDS) perspective into the global development conversation.