Masego Madzwamuse

Environment, Governance | Botswana

2020 New Voices Fellow

Masego Madzwamuse Aspen New Voices 2020 Fellow

Over the course of Masego’s career, she has worked on the rights of communities in conservation and has supported social movements advocating for social and economic justice. She has an established track record as a development and conservation policy analyst in Southern Africa. Masego was the youngest person, and the first female person of color, to be appointed to lead the Botswana office of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, and now has an influential position as Environment Director at the Oak Foundation where she oversees a grant-making budget of USD 70 million and has thirteen staff. The program seeks to safeguard our future by restoring our connection to nature, and help change the ways we feed and fuel our world. Prior to the Oak Foundation, Masego was the head of the Southern African Trust with the mandate to strengthen the agency of the poor in regional policy processes. Masego speaks about the world’s impending environmental crisis and climate emergency and wants to raise the voices of those who are most affected.