Mujobu Moyo

Economic Empowerment & Entrepreneurship | Tanzania

2016 New Voices Fellow


Tanzania-native, Mujobu Moyo is an independent economist. She was an International Development Research Centre (IDRC) research fellow at the Center for Global Development from 2014-2015. Her research focus was on how to manage natural resource windfalls in developing countries. Prior to that, she worked as an economist at the World Bank in Washington. As Tanzania’s Country Economist with the International Growth Centre (IGC), Mujobu’s role was to bridge the gap between policy makers and researchers. Her work in Tanzania fed into the government’s recently launched 2025 development plan. She has also led numerous large-scale data collection over the past 9 years, and her research work has focused on showing that “average” people in Tanzania both understand the big economic issues and have definite views about economic development policy, particularly in relation to natural resources.