Nour Sharara

Health | Senegal

2022 New Voices Fellow


Nour is a third-generation Lebanese Senegalese whose interest in public health was spurred by observing customers at her mother’s pharmacy. She eventually went on to school in Canada, and then to earn an MPH in the United States. She returned to Senegal to work on epidemic preparedness and response, working with Ministries of Health in francophone West & Central Africa to set up Public Health Emergency Operations Centers. Her work in global health revealed to her the mismatch between the priorities of international public health groups and the local authorities they partner with, each operating with distinct timelines and accountable to different stakeholders. Seeking to contribute in a novel way, Nour now works at Biobot, a Cambridge-based start-up which is part of the fast-growing wastewater epidemiology movement which develops public health analytics based on sewage analysis.