Omezzine Khelifa

Governance | Tunisia

2017 New Voices Fellow


Omezzine is a Tunisian activist who now serves as president and founder of “Mobdi’un” a non-profit that promotes youth social inclusion and social transformation through arts, culture, sports & technology. She was born and raised in an academic family in Carthage, and went on to France for university and subsequently a high-profile job in finance. After the Arab Spring broke out, she left her job in Paris and moved back to Tunisia to take part in the transition efforts. She volunteered for a social-democrat political party, known for its long opposition to the dictatorship, and twice ran for parliament. When her party joined the governing coalition she advised both the finance and   tourism ministries. She also helped to set up The’ra, the Arab Women’s Network for Parity and Solidarity.  In 2012, she was honored with the Leaders in Democracy Award from the Project on Middle East Democracy NGO and in 2014, she was nominated Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum. Today, she heads “Mobdi’un – Creative Youth”, whichaims to empower and inspire young people living in marginalized communities and regions by providing them tools and skills to stimulate their creativity as leading builders of the Tunisian democracy.