Reggie Ivey

Health | OK, United States

2022 Healthy Communities Fellow


Reggie Ivey is a social justice visionary for black and brown communities, with over 20 years of public health experience. He serves as a conduit for information and resources for those who need it the most.  Ivey’s observation of the decline of medical, food, and housing resources in north Tulsa, a  community where he was raised, lead him to be a voice for those often unseen and ignored, and left him with no other option but to speak out on their behalf.  Ivey challenges the status quo by providing historical data and information to show how the United States intentionally structured its systems to exclude certain groups of people from full participation and representation, based on their race or ethnicity.   He has a passion for interrupting systems that perpetuate oppressive practices that cause inequities, while identifying actionable solutions.