Selorm Branttie

Governance | Ghana

2019 New Voices Fellow

selorm branttie

Selorm is the Global Strategy Director to mPedigree, a mobile-based solution to securing products against faking, counterfeiting, and diversion. So far, the app has been designed to identify fraudulent medicine and drugs in Africa and Asia as well as identify counterfeit agricultural products. He has found pan-African success and support for mPedigree. In addition to his work with mPedigree, Selorm is a natural leader and grass-root advocate. He co-founded the largest bipartisan think tank in Ghana and has helped to craft relevant public communication on government polices. He has leveraged this to trigger several grass roots protests to lobby the Ghanaian government to support policies that best protect and support the citizens. He’s working hard to change outside perspectives of the innovation and ingenuity of Africa, saying “we cannot fail the future. The future is us, the future is a multitude of our dreams of a continent.”