Shameca Brown

Health | OK, United States

2024 Healthy Communities Fellow


Shameca K. Brown is a dynamic, faith-driven public administrator and mental health activist who is dedicated to innovating systems of hope and change to create pathways for community mental health in Oklahoma. She excels in care coordination, leveraging her personal resilience and professional commitment to advocate for mental health and empower underserved communities, particularly in Black and Brown spaces. Integrated Mental Health was born from her passionate desire to establish a space where providers have access to tailored resources that support healing within their communities while nurturing voices of personal and professional identity. Later, she founded Harrison Hope, a nonprofit aimed at dismantling the stigma of mental health care by developing programming that infuses HOPE into mental health care practices. Her transformative leadership style, firmly rooted in the principles of empowerment and advocacy, has positioned her as a visionary leader in the behavioral health space. Her dedication to fostering intentional change and creating inclusive spaces for mental health support sets her apart as a driving force in the pursuit of mental health and well-being for all.