The Aspen Global Innovators Groups’ 2022 Impact Report

| June 20, 2023

The report provides an in-depth look at our progress across key initiatives: The Aspen Institute Forum on Women and Girls, AMP Health, The Artisan Alliance, New Voices Fellowship, Healthy Communities Fellowship, and the Communities First Global Collaborative. Our impact in 2022 was marked by 12 global convenings, the induction of 44 new fellows, and the provision of $75,000 in catalytic funds. These achievements demonstrate the continued relevance and reach of our programs, with partnerships extending over 50 countries.

This year in review celebrates the dedicated efforts of our fellows, unwavering support from our donors, and resilience of the communities we serve. It further outlines the initiatives we have underway in 2023. Discover our year, the ripple effects of our work, and the new horizons we aim to explore next.