COVID-19 has taught us how closely we are all connected

Genoveva Islas | May 26, 2020

2020 Healthy Communities Fellow Genoveva Islas is the Founder & CEO of Cultiva La Salud. Genoveva is a public health advocate fighting to advance heath equity in California’s San Joaquin Valley where too many families have suffered the loss of loved ones from preventable causes. Genoveva is a recognized Culture of Health Leader by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Image from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement

In the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s Stories of the COVID Crisis, Genoveva shares a short narrative on how systems are so interconnected and broken. This broken system is really exposed with COVID-19 in the immigration system. Immigrants are the fabric of the country and Genoveva states, “ The truth is that no human being is illegal — we are all valuable and worthy of investment.”