COVID Solutions: Global Collaboration on Contact Tracing

Dr. Anatole Manzi | May 13, 2020

Anatole Manzi is a 2020 New Voices Fellow and the Deputy Chief Medical Officer at Partners In Health. Among his many responsibilities at Partners In Health, Dr. Manzi has been tasked with leading Partners In Health’s collaborative contact tracing efforts across the state of Massachusetts.

Partners In Health is drawing on its more than three decades of experience in community-based health care, including responses to epidemics and outbreaks such as Ebola in West Africa from 2014 to -16, cholera in Haiti since 2010, tuberculosis programs in Lesotho, and HIV programs in Rwanda to inform their robust, innovative contact tracing program.

Dr. Manzi says that “this collaborative will bring about innovative and human-centered solutions” which “are critical to boost contact tracing and contain the pandemic”.

Importantly, Dr. Manzi says that we can all be advocates for global solidarity by joining a group of contact tracers in our local communities, joining PIH’s team of learning catalysts, and advocating for more resources, especially personal protective equipment for community health workers and clinicians. Visit to learn more about how to get involved. Listen to Dr. Manzi himself below.

Read Dr. Manzi’s latest OpEd in The Conversation, and hear more about the global collaboration on contact tracing.