#DECOLONIZEGLOBALHEALTH: Rewriting the narrative of Global Health

Renzo Guinto | October 16, 2020

Dr. Guinto is a medical doctor turned advocate, whose current work focuses on the intersection of climate change, energy policy and human health. He is the director and co-founder of #Reimagine Global Health, a youth think-and-do-tank and a campaigner for the Healthy Energy Initiative of Health Care without Harm-Asia. He is a convener of ASEAN Youth Dialogues, which aims to raise critical awareness about ASEAN regional integration among Southeast Asian youth, as well as a co-investigator in a national study evaluating and reconfiguring primary health care in the Philippines. He is a strong proponent of greater involvement of public health experts, particularly from the developing world, in mitigating climate change and speaks clearly and thoughtfully about how governments should be assessing their way forward.

In International Health Policies, Senior New Voices Fellow Renzo Guinto talks about the history and the need to rewrite the narrative of global health.