‘I want to be part of the change’: Why thousands are demanding racial justice

Rachel Jones | June 7, 2020

Rachel Jones a writer, a feminist and a global citizen who has been creating content that fuels impact for years. She has been working as a journalist and media trainer/advisor for the last 20+ years in the US and Africa, for companies including The Detroit Free Press, National Public Radio, Internews, the International Center for Journalists and Kenya’s Nation Media Group. During those years, she has produced news and analysis content on topics including child and reproductive health, international development policy, gender, sustainability and social justice. In both 2015 and 2016, was recognized as one of LinkedIn’s Top 10 Media Writers.

In the National Geographic, Rachel writes about the experience of being on the frontlines of the Washington D.C. protest to end the “pandemic on racism”. In the article Rachel provides you perspectives of families and individuals who came to march and demand for the rights of Black Americans.