I Went To My Son’s Class To Explain How He Goes To The Bathroom. Here’s Why.

Holly Kearl | July 26, 2023

“While I can’t make people who have the same disabilities as my son appear in person or in the shows he watches or the books he reads, I can work harder to help him feel seen and understood”,  writes Holly Kearl, Community Manager at Aspen Global Innovators Group, in her latest piece on how we can help children with disabilities feel seen, loved and accepted.

By sharing her son’s story, Holly brings out how opening up about our differences and understanding them can actually bring us closer together.


To learn more about her family’s journey watch below:



My son has a #RareDisease that affects fewer than 200,000 people. This is our journey. #ParentsOfTikTok #StoryTime #HuffPostPersonal

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