Partnering for an Aids-free Africa

| September 29, 2023

For the first time USAID is investing up to $45m over five years in partnership with South African Medical Research Council, for HIV vaccine research & development. Our 2021 New Voices Fellow, Tian Johnson and his organization The African Alliance is among  the civil society organizations that will lead the Community Engagement and Advocacy component this USAID grant to advance HIV Vaccine discovery in Africa. 

This award — called HIV Vaccine Innovation, Science & Technology Acceleration in Africa (HIV-Vista) is set to expand opportunities for scientists across Sub- Saharan Africa to advance HIV vaccine research and development and will allow for greater leveraging of local resources, creative collaborations and innovative science, which may be the source of a real breakthrough towards a safe and effective HIV vaccine.


To read more about the impact of this grant and how it enables local scientists and institutions to lead the design and testing of vaccines click below.