Sheyda Brown featured in The Black Wall Street Times: Transformative Generosity: MacKenzie Scott’s $2 Million Gift to Terence Crutcher Foundation

Nehemiah Frank | March 19, 2024

Earlier this month, MacKenzie Scott’s philanthropic initiative, Yield Giving, named the Terence Crutcher Foundation as one of the recipients of its Open Call grant program. The North Tulsa-based grassroots organization, dedicated to supporting communities facing the most significant challenges in Tulsa and across the US, has been awarded $2 million from Yield Giving.

Dr. Tiffany Crutcher, the foundation’s founder and Executive Director, and Sheyda Brown, Deputy Director as well as our 2022 Healthy Communities Fellow aim to use a portion of this award towards “realizing the Foundation’s vision for North Pointe and implementing future programming aimed at positively impacting the community that surrounds it”. Secured by the Foundation last year with the aim of rejuvenating it into the vibrant community center it once was, North Pointe “bears the scars of one of the worst racial atrocities in American history – 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre”.

This is the power of unrestricted funding, as noted by the Black Wall Street Times. Unrestricted funding allows organizations to have the flexibility and autonomy over how they allocate resources. This flexibility is essential for addressing the unique needs and challenges faced by Black communities like the one the Terence Crutcher Foundation serves.


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