Shuchin Bajaj quoted in Times Now: Over 2 Million Deaths Annually Due to Air Pollution in India, Says Study

| January 4, 2024

As per a study published in the BMJ, outdoor air pollution accounts for 2.18 million deaths per year in India, second only to China.

“The pervasive levels of pollutants…pose severe respiratory and cardiovascular risks to the population. High concentrations of PM2.5, tiny particles that can penetrate deep into the lungs, have been linked to respiratory diseases, heart ailments, and other health complications,” notes Shuchin Bajaj, 2022 New Voices Fellow and founder of Ujala Cygnus Healthcare in this piece for Times Now.

Air pollution in India, as per Bajaj, has emerged as a critical public health concern. He further notes that prolonged exposure to these pollutants is associated with  premature deaths and increased mortality rates especially among vulnerable groups.



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