Alice Ruhweza quoted in ESG News: WWF Urges Countries to Advance Global Plastic Treaty Despite Negotiations Setback

| December 1, 2023

As per a recently released World Wildlife Fund (WWF) report, the cost of plastic on the environment, health and economies on low-income countries can be 10 times higher than high-income ones even though they consume almost three times less plastic per-capita.

Recognizing this disparity, Alice Ruhweza, 2019 New Voices Fellow and  Senior Director for Policy and Engagement for WWF International notes in this piece for ESG News that proposals for voluntary national measures and a sole focus on waste management in the UN global plastic pollution treaty “will only continue to increase the burden for the countries that are today the hardest hit by the plastic pollution crisis.” She further adds, a “global treaty with binding rules for elimination and safe circulation of plastics, along with robust financial support, is our best hope for the level playing field which is desperately needed if we are to tackle the challenges felt by people and the environment in the Global South”.

With more than  30,000 metric tonnes of plastic leaking into our oceans every day and low- and middle-income countries (LMIC) facing bunt of the environmental, health, and economic  impact, there is an imminent need for an effective treaty prioritizing the regulations of uncontrolled production and design of plastic materials and products.


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