Community Health Workers: The Line of First Defense

Aspen Global Innovators | June 4, 2020

Katie Drasser, Josh Nesbit, Raj Panjabi & Kiribakka Tendo

At the 2018 Aspen Ideas: Health festival, global experts share the power of community health workers to detect outbreaks, lead pandemic response, and provide basic care. As the world continues to respond to COVID-19, how can we engage community health workers to improve testing and care?

Image from the Aspen Institute

Community health workers bring lifesaving care to hard-to-reach locations. More than one billion people inhabit areas so remote that they lack any access to healthcare, but not too remote to trigger fast-moving epidemics. Enter community health workers, who can detect disease outbreaks, identify malnutrition and malaria, and provide basic primary care. Once operating largely alone, these practitioners are now connecting through online platforms and learning communities to become a global movement.

Watch the full session from Aspen Ideas: Health